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No more ballet

I've handed in my "five month notice" to my boss. I told her that this is my last semester both dancing and working as a teacher for the little ones. I also told her that the only reason I'm staying until December was because of the recital in September and my own responsibility to see my little ones through till their Christmas Showcase.

I'm just so tired of it.

I've been dancing ballet since I was six and I started assisting my dance teacher at age 14 and I've been teaching groups by myself since I was 20.

Don't get my wrong it has had it's wonderful moments which I would never trade for anything as well as given me a pretty steady paycheck but I've always known I'm not going to be a professional dancer. I've neither the talent, drive nor desire for it.

I think it is time for me to move on. I want to be free to finish my studies and graduate. Since it is just me and dad, dad has agreed to continue backing me up financially until I graduate and am able to get a (he says 'real' I say 'grown up') job. So I don't really need to work, I just wanted to have some financial freedom.

I have my entire life to work, so I'm just going to sit back and just be a student for a while.
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I realized I haven't posted anything in a while and I started to think of why, truth is my life is very boring and repetitive.
I spend my days doing a little cleaning, watching tv,scrolling through tumblr and reading fanfiction. When I go out I usually just walk around wherever the world takes me. I go to work (which I am beginning to not only resent but hate)and come home. I'm starting to really dislike my job. I've been tired of ballet for about 3 years but now it is bleeding into my work with the girls and I'm worried I might take out my frustrations on the children. (I work as an assistant ballet teacher, I usually assist but lately I've been put in charge of several groups).

I've also noticed that I have become a bit of a recluse. I pout and moan about not hanging out with friends and not getting any phone calls but then again I don't do anything about it either.

I'm anxious about starting class, if only to have something break the monotony of my life, not to mention the sooner I start, the sooner the semester ends and the sooner I have a year under my belt and the sooner my two last years are DONE!
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Tomorrow I'm going on vacation to my sister's house in South Carolina. I was fine up until yesterday when I realized that I have a stop in Miami,it will be the first time traveling by myself and I'm terrified of somehow getting lost or something.

I know deep down that I'll be alright but I can't help and feeling simultaneously the most grown up I've ever felt in my life and wanting nothing more than to cling to my mommy.

Tomorrow, July 5, is also my mother's birthday. It will be the first without her. My sister and I plan on setting a plate for her at dinner and getting a nice cake to split for her.
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Yesterday I had a great time with my coven celebrating the Summer Solstice at the beach (late but hey we needed the weekend). My friend Sam and I were representing water and I set up a nice simple altar with a blue sheet and my mermaid statue. We did a fun ritual in which we had to rub ourselves with herbs and salts and meditated about everything we wanted to eliminate in our lives we then built sandcastles symbolizing everything we wanted to build in our lives. Then we sang, danced and created amazing energy then we ran into the ocean to wash off the salt and herbs. Then we just hung out and had all kinds of fun in the water for a about two hours then we went back to our circle and had our 'cakes and ale' then we closed our circle, cleaned up, had dinner and went back home.

When I got home I had sand EVERYWHERE but we had so much fun.

I ususally do full moons by myself but I love doing ceremonies with my group.
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It has been so long since I updated I don't even know were to begin to catch up...


I'm still with my boyfriend.
I'm still dancing and working at my dance school.
I'm still in Uni only I switched majors and in August I start the semester in a new campus (still in the UPR family). I have 14 classes till I finish.
My mom passed away from uterine cancer.
I live with my dad.
I got a new car, it is a 2007 Blue Honda Fit.
I've been pursuing a "new" spiritual path. I say "new" because I've been reading up on it for years but this time I've gotten more serious about it. I'm studying Wicca with a wonderful coven. I started getting serious around September of last year and I think that if it weren't for the support and spiritual guidance of the coven and all of the people I met in it I would have gone into a downward spiral of depression and grief after my mother passed.
My sister and I now have matching tattoos on our right ankles. It is an elephant, as our mom's favorite animal was the elephant.

Oh... and I have a new laptop.

...er... that's about it I guess...

That's all for now... if anybody it still in my flist...

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Shit is hitting the fan with my University

There is a shit storm coming in my University. There is campus wide shittery. There are State Police on Campus and we are gearing up for another long ass strike.


Our lovely Dean... just sayin...


Police in front of our Campus... there are countless more inside...


Our Governor dressed like police trying to crush our University.
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Dear Diet Websites:

THERE ARE MORE WAYS TO ENJOY AVOCADO THAN IN ~*~TASTY GUACAMOLE~*~ FFS stop recommending it to me, it annoys me more than it should.


Alternate ways to enjoy Avocado:
-In a salad
-In between some bread as an avocado sandwich or as a spread over toast
-Served with/next to: soup, rice, on the side of chicken or meat
-Added to a sandwich or hamburger
-In sushi (California Rolls)

In other words Avocado is fucking tasty and you can eat it with everything. Do your research diet sites!

Avocado is a super food. Eating Avocado will make you super.
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Ninja update

Bought "Eat, Pray, Love" ...if only to have something to read in the bathroom...

My diet is going well I'm down to 122. I'm jazzed. Will this be the time I finally hit my goal weight of 115? Now, some of you may say, "Bitch, you eat like a fucking bird!" (or at least that's what most of my guy friends say- which leads me to think I need to hang out with more girls- all of my guy friends have me talking shit and grabbing my phantom wiener) but alas, I have a ballet recital in 2011 to get ready for. And again, "girl that is far away". Yes, but we start choreographing soon and I want some goddamn lifts, I think after working like a dog I deserve to have a guy elevate me in the air... and I don't want to give the choreographer any excuses.
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It's July 13, 2010 and I'm studying for several tests.

No, not summer school. Regular semester tests. From material I 'learned' in March and April.

Class was supposed to end at the end of May but due to the strike I am now forced to take class in summer. I already had my summer vacation because once class ends we have two weeks off to gear up for the Fall Semester of 2010.

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